Best Person to Thank If You Ride a Bicycle (2010)

Janette Sadik-Khan

Next time you find yourself whizzing down some of the city's nifty new toothpaste-green painted bike lanes—like the ones on Allen Street, Ninth Avenue, and Kent Avenue—safely buffered from the flow of traffic by a row of parked cars, take a moment to thank Janette Sadik-Khan. Since her appointment in 2007, Sadik-Khan, the city's stylish, guerrilla-bureaucrat transportation commissioner, has added more than 200 bike-lane miles in the five boroughs. Five of those miles are for bike paths that are physically separated from the street. Sadik lobbies hard for new lanes; she's been known to tell skeptical Wall Street types that "Biking is the new golf." She also claims to be a bike commuter herself—though, bike lane or no, we know it's pretty tough to ride from your West Village apartment to your downtown office in three-inch heels.


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