Best Place to Look at an Underwater Shipwreck (2010)

Sheepshead Bay

Brooklyn is probably not the first place you think of when you think of scuba diving. But a large number of submerged ships, sunken accidentally and intentionally, just offshore from Sheepshead Bay, give New York City some interesting wrecks to look at underwater. Don't expect bikini-clad hotties or modelesque dive masters if you go out on one of the regular dive tour ships like the Jeanne II, though. There's not much sexiness about these wreck dives, some of which go more than 100 feet down. As a diver, you'll be covered head to toe in a mask, full body suit, and hood, and, still, the water will freeze your ass off and the visibility will be near zero. The captain of the Jeanne II looks like a pirate, and your fellow divers will mostly be crusty old men. But the wrecks are pretty amazing and often covered with lobsters, and if you find one of the crustaceans that isn't covered with eggs, you can even bring it back up for dinner. Jeanne II, Pier 5 in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, 718-332-9574,


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