Best Pro Sophomore Sensation (2010)

Mark Sanchez

It took Joe Namath three years to become Broadway Joe, but it took Mark Sanchez just one season to earn a guest appearance on SNL ("This is my husband," cooed Tina Fey, head on his broad shoulder, "Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets"). It was rough going in the first couple of months of the 2009 season as Sanchez learned that taking snaps under center through November 22 in New Jersey wasn't like playing for Pete Carroll in sunny L.A.; after that, he matured faster than a college freshman on Gossip Girl. The Jets won five of their last six regular-season games last season; still, beating the Bengals and the Chargers in the NFL isn't like playing for Southern Cal. The Jets were just 4–6 after losing to New England in the playoffs and scared the Colts through the first half of the AFC championship game. How do you like the Jets' chances this year with a bigger, stronger, smarter Sanchez? This year, we predict he won't be guesting on SNL, he'll be hosting it.


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