Best Rookie (2010)

Isaac Benjamin Davis

If you're looking for bright spots on the 2010 Mets—and you're either doing that or you've given up altogether—try Isaac Benjamin Davis. Ike has the youth (he's just 23), the pedigree (he's the son of an 11-year big-league veteran of the Yankees and Twins, reliever Ron Davis), and the swing. If you told the Mets at the beginning of the season that they'd be calling up a rookie who'd finish with around 20 home runs, about 70 RBIs, and 30 doubles, they'd have been thrilled. Not ousted manager Jerry Manuel, though, who knew it all along: "He'll hit 25 home runs this year and drive in about 85 runs," he said the first time he saw Ike play. I'll bet those projections will be up next year. Yes, he will have to learn to cut down on those strikeouts, but he gets walks in bunches, too, and he looks, potentially, like one of those power-hitting types whose on-base percentage is going to be about 90 or so points higher than his batting average. And we forgot to mention that Ike looks like the Mets' best defensive first baseman since Keith Hernandez, an assessment that Hernandez affirms. We like Ike, and we expect to like him for quite a few years to come.


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