Best Sports Nickname (2010)

Revis Island

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis spent last season shutting down some of the best wide receivers in football, rendering highlight-reel monstrosities from Randy Moss to Chad Ochocinco frustrated, isolated, neutered, pass-starved castaways on . . . Revis Island. Yes, the best alias in certainly Jets and quite possibly NFL history is a place, not a person, a theoretical Bermuda Triangle of exemplary shutdown pass coverage that has also inspired some truly fantastic Photoshop work: The mock Temptation Island DVD cover is good, but it can't hold a candle to the Lost parody that grafts Revis's face onto a fighter jet soaring over a flotilla of frustrated prima-donna WRs with nary a first down to their names. It's as irrepressibly silly as it is apt. Naturally, he held out for more money this summer, but, hey, island getaways don't come cheap, and headline writers alone couldn't live without him.


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