Best Streaker (2010)

Stuart Calderwood

No, New York Road Runners senior editor Stuart Calderwood does not run naked. But he has been running every single day for the past 23 years, making him the longest "streaker" in the five boroughs and the 76th longest in the nation. Nothing stops him from getting in a daily run of at least 1.25 miles (usually more), which is somewhat helped by the fact that he works for NYRR and is married to a very serious runner, 50-year-old Stacy Creamer, who was the fastest amateur female runner of any age group in the 2010 New York City Triathlon. Calderwood doesn't even consider his longevity to be the thing he'd like to be known for as a runner: He's a serious marathoner, and he holds American records in the 50–54 category in the 20K, 25K, and 30K track events. Don't look for him in the New York City Marathon, th\ough; as an NYRR employee, he has to work that day. The strangest place he's ever gotten in a daily run? Running six miles, back and forth in a 10-foot-by-10-foot British jail cell, when he was inadvertently being held after his passport was stolen in Spain and he was trying to enter England.


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