Best Band Name (2011)

Mannequin Pussy

You gotta hand it to Mannequin Pussy. The rattletrap-grrrl duo of childhood pals vocalist/guitarist Marisita Dabeast and drummer-boy Athanasios Paul was originally founded as a trio. But when a bass-playing third member was uncomfortable with the New York band's mall-perv moniker, the name stayed, the friend didn't, and the rest is Death By Audio history. Dabeast and Paul, both 24, have been messing around musically since only last December. So far, their recorded contributions to the post-Bikini-Kill, pogo-riot catalog include two EPs with similarly sordid titles: last January's four-"song" bonerjamz! and March's two-track meatslave. Their audio output is all quite awesomely memorable but none more so than their namesake—which, for the record, isn't popular with parents. As Dabeast recently told Voice music blog Sound of the City, "Just last week my mom said, 'Have you thought about changing the name to maybe like Mannequin Pee Pee?'"


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