We still refuse to walk past 66 Wooster Street, the former home of the Ohio Theatre. God knows what's in that space now. Maybe a Stella McCartney boutique with in-house Cinnabon. Over the years, the Ohio had evolved into one of downtown theater's principal artistic homes and almost a kind of clubhouse for the scene. When the building's ownership changed hands and Manhattan's unsavory real estate realities caught up with the place last year, the Ohio shuttered, to the dismay of all. So it was with great elation when we learned of the rebirth of the Ohio Theatre this fall. Artistic director Robert Lyons has shifted his operations west to the Archive Building on Christopher Street. Here's hoping for the return of enterprising companies like Clubbed Thumb, Pig Iron, Target Margin, and Les Freres Corbusier, but also for the arrival of a bunch of new oddballs and dreamers. The rodentia and lack of air-conditioning, though, are not invited back. 154 Christopher Street, 212-675-6446, sohothinktank.org (10014)

Location Details

154 Christopher St.
New York NY 10014


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