Best Drummer (2011)

Greg Fox

This fall at Williamsburg's Knitting Factory, the city's two best drummers squared off, one after the other, in a night of ear-bleeding, tom-pounding carnage. The reigning champion, Oneida's Kid Millions, opened with his percussion-only trio Man Forever, but it was Liturgy's Greg Fox who emerged as the new King of New York, hitting his snares at locomotive speeds. Although his tenure with Liturgy, the plainclothes rockers who mixed Glenn Branca and Celtic Frost to make black metal almost hip among Brooklyn twenty-somethings, is ending after a few fall gigs opening for Japanese-drone heroes Boris, Fox's time with the band produced an EP and a pair of albums with drumming as furious as it was tight. But fret not, beyond Liturgy, you'll still be able to catch Fox breaking sticks and abusing his kit with bands Guardian Alien and GDFX, or around town at, among other places, the Occupy Wall Street protests.


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