Best Fiddler (2011)

Jenny Scheinman

Jenny Scheinman has sawed away at her violin for the likes of Norah Jones, John Zorn, and Bill Frisell. On many a Tuesday, she can be found collaborating with a variety of musical co-conspirators at the Brooklyn performance space Barbès, and she'll also be heard on the forthcoming Metallica/Lou Reed meeting-of-the-minds Lulu. Her latest project, Mischief And Mayhem, is a collaboration with assist Todd Sickafoose, drummer Jim Black, and Wilco guitarist Nels Cline. The group doesn't officially debut until 2012, but a recent show is streaming at NPR. It effectively showcases how, as you might expect from its name, the quartet is built on both the unexpected and the cheeky: churning prog freak-outs burst into moments of sublime beauty and vice versa, with the members of the band sonically pushing each other throughout.


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