Best Local Music Twitterer (2011)


These days, 140-character bursts of self-promotion and self-flagellation and other forms of self-elevation can make even the most revered artist sound like a charlatan waiting for the next unwilling victim to lure into a trap of remixes and VIP packages. Standing astride the pack of twittering twits is Tanlines, whose ruminations on baseball, reality TV, and unpleasant cultural developments ("Kinda sad-ish that Paul Newman will be more known as the Orville Redenbacher of salad dressing any year now") should be studied by any promotion-minded individual trying to figure out how to attract people into their creative lairs: Kill 'em with laughter, and let the occasional reminder slip out while the chuckles ensue that, yes, there could be more funnies to come, should anyone reading choose to venture out of the virtual world and into a local venue.!/tanlines


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