Best New York Band to Break Up in the Past 12 Months (2011)

LCD Soundsystem

DFA Records co-founder James Murphy always insisted that his nearly flawless dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem carried an expiration date, especially once the project's nearly universal adulation began consuming the DJ/producer's life. But Murphy's preemptive warning still made this past spring's "weird last show and reunion" done "before we're all fucking old," as the brawny frontman informed the Terminal 5 crowd at the first of 2011's five farewell shows, no less bittersweet. One of the most impeccable New York City musical projects thus far of the 21st century, LCD Soundsystem was, as we've been known to say, a phenomenally successful proposition of tremendous emotional heft, narrated by pogo-blitzed beats and throaty sing-alongs, and it's unlikely there'll be anything as simultaneously honest and exuberant to emerge anytime soon—at least until LCD reunites to co-headline Coachella 2020 with R.E.M.


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