Best Producer (2011)


For a quick introduction to what araabmuzik does behind the boards, check the titles of the many YouTube clips documenting the young producer's music-making process. There's "araabMUZIK RIPPIN SAMPLE APPART," then "Araab Muzik killlin' the MPC," and "Araab Musik (Dipset Producer) Killin the Beat." One finds the Providence transplant "goin in on the beats." Either way, it's best to follow the advice offered by another of these titles, "Watch the hands." Those hands, the left weighed down by an oversized diamond watch, the right by an undersized diamond bracelet, move hypnotically fast across the board of his MPC drum machine, tapping in hi-hats, bass kicks, samples, and sound effects at a believe-it-or-not level clip. We first heard Aaaabmuzik anchoring Dipset's recent comeback with two Hot 97 bangers, Cam'ron's 2009 street single "Get It in Ohio," and the group's joint, schizophrenic "Salute," the latter of which can still be heard, over a year and a half later, bursting out of outer-borough speakers. Still, it's in his solo releases that araabmuzik has really come into his own. Last year's Instrumental Kings 5 proves that his unique sound remains dynamic even without a rapper on the track, and this year's Electronic Dream is pushing that sound in the direction of club-ready trance.


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