Best Public Artwork (2011)

Tribute in Light

The 10th anniversary of September 11 passed last month and, blessedly, so did the tidal wave of mawkishness. Really, was there ever a time when the citizenry and the media and our elected representatives tried so desperately to out-mourn one another about something? A remembrance of 9/11 is always more than necessary, but to smother the tragedy's anniversary under so much conspicuous grief does it no real honor. The glitz, the video flags, the parade of politicos—it all gets insufferable. Our favorite public artwork, though, is an elegant and silent rebuke to all that. It's noble in its simplicity, inspirational, and also, frankly, a bit spooky. Not to mention epic. Each year, we have been moved by the Tribute in Light, as its powerful white beams shoot up into the night sky from near the World Trade Center site. Originally meant to conclude with this past anniversary of 9/11, we're happy to hear that the project will be continuing into the future. Our thanks to all the folks who conceived of it and who have put it together in subsequent years. It has been the finest way to honor those lost on that day.


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