Best Rap Moguls With A Business Plan (2011)

Das Racist

When Das Racist first burst onto the Internet, it was with a meme-ready hook (singing about Yum! Brands' fast-food offerings will, it turns out, garner you quite a bit of Hype Machine traction) couched in an absurdist, tossed-off style. But with their first proper full-length Relax (Greedhead) they've gotten their song craft down. The bubbly "Girl" is not only joyous, but it also celebrates the titular lady's smarts while paying tribute to her beauty, while "Power" has an intoxicating beat and an assist from up-and-coming Detroit rapper Danny Brown. And they've taken the means of production into their own hands, selling Relax on their own and premiering the thing on Spotify before the pirates could plaster it all over the Net. Sure, they don't get much money on the streaming service of the moment, but they garnered more scratch than they would if it had gotten out via RapidShare, and they didn't even have to travel with locked-down briefcases à la other leak-weary moguls.


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