Best Reinvented Folk-Rocker (2011)

Making Friendz

Way before Tami Hart started her self-described "punk n' b" outfit Making Friendz, she was putting forth her softer side, crafting soul-wrenching tracks and collaborating with Indigo Girl Amy Ray. But when Hart moved to Brooklyn, she jutted her hips and threw up her arms. Her new dance-drenched project has a single-of-the-year candidate in the spell-it-out jam "Situation." And the rest of Making Friendz's full-length Social Life (Last Bummer) is packed with jams ready for any scenario that might crop up at an party—from dance-offs to lustful glances to those moments when one stands in the corner alternately surveying the crowd and debating to get in on the sweaty action ensuing mere feet away. Although they're all brief (it's still punk, you see), it wouldn't be too much of a foul to drop one or two of them multiple times over the course of a debauched evening.


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