Best Requiem for a DIY Venue (2011)

Monster Island

Allow us a moment of silence for a victim of soulless Williamsburg gentrification: the dearly departed Monster Island. A former spice factory that housed Oneida's soundproof jam-factory production space, the Ocropolis, and spent the past seven years as a de facto artists' colony, the Kent Avenue creative hive deservedly had more send-offs than that other monster-island catastrophe, Lost: an end-of-summer Saturday-afternoon block party; a Sunday "paint pour," when friends of the project space stood on the roof and dumped colored-liquid buckets over the sides; an unamplified acoustic-barbecue finale. "The lease is up, and we have other plans for the property," the owner's management group told the Voice last month. Plans likely to include: fancy cheese, $15 cocktails, douchebags.

Location Details

128 River St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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