Best Result Of The '90s Revival (2011)


The Brooklyn trio Widowspeak offer up a melancholic take on swirling, country-influenced rock that has just enough low-end oomph to inspire a few comparisons to The Decade That Will Not Get Out Of Generation X's Collective Head. Their single "Harsh Realm" borrows its title from the notorious hoax a Sub Pop employee pulled on an overly gullible Times reporter who was looking for authentic grunge-era slang back when that genre was burning up the wires. It's a quietly resigned look back on the dangers of nostalgia that feels timeless in both its dusty-roads minimalism and its weary resignation. The band's debut full-length (Captured Tracks) operates in similar fuzzy-nostalgia territory, with guitar lines that can simultaneously evoke surf rock and shoegaze. Even when the pace picks up a bit, the faded-photograph feel remains, thanks in large part to the feather-light voice of frontwoman/guitarist (and Tacoma transplant) Molly Hamilton.


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