Best Singer to Turn Life into a Cabaret (2011)

Molly Pope

Pop songs get reinvented on YouTube by many an aspiring Esmée Denters, but nobody gives the hits of the moments makeovers like Molly Pope. During her regular appearances at the Top-40-goes-cabaret night Our Hit Parade, she demonstrates her ability to turn even the most recognizable radio hit into something wholly her own. Her brassy voice, which harkens back to the movie-musical days, can turn Smash Mouth's swaggering "Walking On The Sun" into a coquettish come-on or transform Jennifer Lopez's comeback ode to dance-floor banality "On The Floor" into a pathos-drenched lament by a floor-swabbing waitress. Pope's tackling of more traditional cabaret songs is gorgeous and grand as well, with her alto soaring and crackling right along with the emotional wallops provided by the material.


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