Best Theater Actor (2011)

David Greenspan

Can this actor control the elements? Anyone who attended Target Margin's 2006 Faust believes it. Making an entrance as Mephistopheles, he stretched out his arms in front of him and then to each side, appearing to part the air as he stepped onto the stage. The devil was in such details. Certainly David Greenspan has control over any character he turns his attentions to, particularly in the shows he scripts himself—from the pearl-clutching matriarch of Dead Mother to the crouching demon of Go Back to Where You Are to the 14 Republican senators crafting back-room negotiations in the signal scene of The Myopia. But he's no slouch in roles written by others: Mephistopheles in Faust, a harried servant in The Royal Family (his Broadway debut), and Alcibiades in an adaptation of The Symposium. The golden, gorgeous Alcibiades didn't seem a natural fit for Greenspan's gray curls, broken nose, and assertive ears, but he wore his laurel wreath proudly. And there's not another actor who deserves it more.


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