Best Unauthorized Homage To A Rocker (2011)

Night of 1000 Stevies

This past May, when ex-Fleetwood Mac waif Stevie Nicks canceled her New York concert because of illness, there was plenty of consolation: Two days later at the Highline Ballroom, there was the 21st annual Night of 1000 Stevies, for which Stevie wannabes fly in on white wings from all over the world, aping her fringed ponchos and her gypsy-like, slightly witchy eccentricity, clearly created by 1970s California via a little touch of heaven. They lip-synch her songs (whether the ethereal "Rhiannon" or the defiant "Stand Back"), sing them live, and sometimes just interpret them with their essence. They're men, and they're women, and sometimes you're not sure. And after a few hours of their amazingly committed performances, you're convinced that not only are they all Stevie, but we are all Stevie. Jackie Factory producers Chi Chi Valenti, Johnny Dynell, and Hattie Hathaway make this into a flower-bearing happening every year, but this year, the night started with a special video by Stevie herself, promising that some day, she'll show up in such an amazing disguise that no one will know it's her until she sneaks onto the stage and sings "Edge of Seventeen." So it is authorized!

Location Details

431 W. 16th St.
New York NY 10011


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