Best DJ (2011)

Funkmaster Flex

When Jay-Z and Kanye West were ready to release "Otis," the soul-sampling, jet-setting lead single off their much-anticipated joint album Watch the Throne, there was only one DJ with whom they trusted this task. That DJ, of course, was Funkmaster Flex, the man who has been dropping bombs over New York's airwaves since Hot 97 began broadcasting his legendary sets at the long-defunct Tunnel nightclub in the early '90s. For his part, Flex returned the favor by stretching the song, just under three minutes on the record, to well over 30, interrupting the rappers to offer personal commentary ("Key line right there! New York City, that's a hard line right there!" he interjects after Jay threatens to call the paparazzi on himself.) and rewinding the track again and again. "You will never wear the crown!" he at one point shouts, but for his 2 million weekly listeners (not to mention the countless more who have been dancing to his DJ sets at least since the Tunnel), this was old news.


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