Best Nostalgic Nightlife Trend (2011)

Bottle service

No, we're not really fans of bottle service, the hideous phenomenon whereby people with bottomless expense accounts and tireless credit cards plop their butts down on a banquette and summon busty blondes to bring them a bottle of designer vodka plus the trimmings for the price of a 30-year fixed mortgage. In fact, we feel this trend has long tried to viciously suck the creative energy out of nightlife, which is supposed to be about invention and experimentation, not sitting, guzzling, and flaunting, for God's sake. Since the '90s, bottle service has spelled the death of fun, bringing in a slew of flamboyantly unfabulous people who got all the best tables simply because they had the cash and the balls. But when it started coming back in various clubs that needed it for survival, it was clearly a reflection of the recession's creeping demise, nightlife-wise. It signaled a return to some form of prosperity, even if just for a chosen (and dubious) few. As icky as it is, the recurrence of it seemed to spell a hint of recovery for the party crowd. So cheers, bottle service. Keep on serving. We guess.


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