Best Place To Get Drunk Inside a Gondola (2011)

The Diamond

We're hesitant to share this because then you'll come and ruin the vibe, so please use this information wisely: The Diamond in Greenpoint is one of Brooklyn's best neighborhood bars. What makes it such so special isn't the free shuffleboard table or the bathroom lined with old cassette tapes or the Michael Landon head floating on the back wall. It might have something to do with the carefully curated selection of sour lambics and 8.5 percent tripels and bubbling Cava. Or that the establishment recently hosted a ladies' arm-wrestling night, but the owners still expect their customers to behave like adults. (Beside the shuffleboard table, written in elegantly instructive script: "We're glad you enjoy the game, but NO YELLING/SCREAMING.") What we think really makes this place excellent, in addition to the fact that you can find a seat most nights, is the backyard's gondola lift on loan from the Adirondacks. Not only is the four-seater awesome patio furniture, but it also makes a great hotbox. 43 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, 718-383-5030, (11222)

Location Details

43 Franklin St.
Brooklyn NY 11222-3489


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