East Williamsburg and Bushwick are full of ersatz white-trash bars, but Lady Jay's is the only one that truly makes you feel enthusiastic about a night of listening to the Allman Brothers. An American flag and deer antlers dot the walls, and the vibe is down-homey and comfortable, all the way out to the rustic smoking patio in the back. You almost expect to find a rusted Chevy on concrete blocks out there. It's smaller than the backyards of bigger Williamsburg establishments, so you'll be more inclined to chat with your neighbors as you nurse your bourbon (you're not ordering some wishy-washy drink at this place, right?) and puffing on your Marlboro Red. The bar is right near the Grand Street L station, four stops into Brooklyn. 633 Grand Street, Brooklyn, 718-387-1029,

Location Details

633 Grand St.
New York NY 11211


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