Netflix, basically the long-form version of YouTube, is the culprit for many wasted afternoons where we fell down the rabbit hole of entire series of obscure and/or cult television shows. Guess we weren't the only ones. Jerm Pollet and Michael Austin, co-producers of the NYC Zombie Crawl, found out almost two years ago that they weren't alone, either. Rabid fans of Arrested Development, that acclaimed yet undeservedly ignored comedy, the pair were devastated when the show was canceled. Hearing rumors that there was to be an Arrested movie, they realized that that was what they had wanted all along—to see the show on the big screen. Thus, the TV Party was born. An architect built a frozen-banana stand. Pollet, often mistaken for the actor Tony Hale, donned a hook for a hand and came as Buster. Rock band the Never Nudes performed. And on the big screen, they showed favorite episodes from each of the three seasons to a standing-room-only crowd. Since then, Pollet and Austin's parties have become a mainstay at the Bell House, with nights devoted to the likes of Battlestar Galactica, Flight of the Conchords, and Twin Peaks. Naturally, they put Halloween episodes from '90s series on their schedule. They say the party is a way for TV fans to connect outside of the loneliness of a Netflix screen in a living room. "You go to a concert, you can meet the people who like the bands," Austin says, "but you can't meet the people who like the TV shows you like at home." 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, 718-643-6510, (11215)

Location Details

149 7th St.
Brooklyn NY 11215


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