Something about being in East Midtown, within the proximity of the UN, makes us want to be a spy. We want to feel accomplished and well-traveled and multilingual and smart about things like fine liquors and secret cameras. And some of the watering holes in that area provide a platform to try on this other life for size. Beekman Bar & Books is the perfect place to play "house," or should we say "diplomat's residence"? The plush leather lounge, set a few steps below ground, is dark and distinguished, has an enormous bourbon and Scotch menu and a cigar bar in back where you can smoke with your tasting flight. The clientele is mainly suit-wearing, foreign-language-speaking men with prominent eyebrows and graying sideburns. The Czech–based chain has a few other outposts in the city, but this is the one where we most feel like we're in an international espionage movie. 889 First Avenue, 212-758-6600, (10017)

Location Details

889 1st Ave.
New York NY 10022-8005


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