Free popcorn from a machine that looks like it was borrowed from a carnival wagon isnt the only lure of Brooklyns Fourth Avenue Pub. The beer selection is fantastic. From a shifting roster, which you can examine online before you go, you can grab a 25-ounce bottle of Saint Somewheres Lectio Divina, a lively Saison from a Tarpon Springs, Florida, brewery, priced at $4 less than at another of our faves. Or go for the amazing selection of draft beers, from which you might choose, say, a Troeg Dead Reckoning Porter if the weathers cold outside, or a Laughing Dog Crouch Sniffing Bastard if its a bit warmer. God picks the weatheryou pick the beer. 76 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-643-2273,

Location Details

76 Fourth Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11217


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