Stellina's gelato is a hybrid of Italian tradition and American irreverence, which means it comes in flavors with names like Bananimal and Cinnamon Toast, and is paved with animal crackers, chocolate-covered marshmallows, brownies, and other bits and pieces that would probably incite a riot over at Grom HQ. Fortunately, there's craft to back up the conceit: Bananimal, for example, is so full-flavored that it tastes as if its bananas were roasted, while La Strada is a satisfying blend of milk chocolate, peanuts, brownies, and marshmallows. Purists may be annoyed, and that's fine, because that means there's more for everyone else. 95 Allen Street, 212-274-9555,

Location Details

95 Allen St.
New York NY 10002


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