As with almost every other restaurant category in this app, youve got to define exactly what subset of the cuisine youve go a hankering for. Food of the Greek Islands? Food of Crete? Food of the Mainland? Food of the mountainous part of the Mainland? Food from the Greek expatriate community of Istanbul? As to the last, Agnanti Meze in Bay Ridge is your best bet. The vegetarian-stuffed grape leaves are the best you've ever tasted. While many Greek places buy stuffed leaves in cans, Agnanti wraps up a light and oily toss of rice, pine nuts, and herbs, then serves the appetizer warm. If your mom made you hate lima beans by forcing you to eat them, fasolia plaki might cause you to reassess your opinion. 7802 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-833-7033

Location Details

7802 Fifth Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11209


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