Best Reason to Cross Northern Boulevard (2011)

Cannelle Patisserie

In a contradiction typical of Queens, some of the best French pastries in the city are found in that most American of institutions, a strip mall. That's where bakers Gnanasampanthan Sabaratnam and Jean-Claude Perennou are turning out Cannelle Patisserie's superb Francophilic delights, and one of the best is the Paris-Brest. The wheel-shaped pastry, whose shape commemorates an iconic 19th-century bicycle race, is here composed of khaki-colored hazelnut cream piped between two layers of airy choux pastry. It sports an armor of toasted slivered almonds, a dusting of powdered sugar, and an uncanny ability to inspire joy. 75-59 31st Avenue, Queens, 718-565-6200, (11370)

Location Details

83-59 31st Ave.
New York NY 11370


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