There are a dozen Himalayan restaurants in Jackson Heights these days that offer Tibetan, Nepalese, or Bhutanese fare, or a combination. The best Tibetan place is Phayul ("Homeland"), a walk-up spot a yak turd's throw from the grandiose subway and elevated train station on Roosevelt Avenue. Many of the dishes surprisingly contain Sichuan peppercorns, and the dumplings called momo—with a choice of fillings—are bigger and juicier than elsewhere. Also featured are plenty of cold salads and soups, making it a great place for a light meal as the Dalai Lama looks down upon you. 37-65 74th Street, Queens, 718-424-1869 (11372)

Location Details

37-65 74th St. (2nd Fl.)
Flushing NY 11372


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