If you strolled down East 46th Street, it's unlikely you'd realize that you're walking past one of Midtown's more exciting restaurant debuts of 2011. That's because Tenpenny is tucked way into the back of the rather nondescript Gotham Hotel. But you'd be remiss to overlook this spot, which serves one of our favorite pasta dishes: porchetta ravioli. Chef Christopher Cipollone stuffs the plump orbs with herb-roasted pork and a hearty smack of Brooklyn's own smoked Salvatore ricotta, topping it all off with fresh rapini heads. A soft-poached egg rests in the middle, begging to be cracked open to ooze its yolk all over the ravioli. A lot of players are at work in this dish, but the cheese lends both a rich earthiness and a smooth creamy finish and serves as the perfect foil for the salty pig and bitter greens. 16 East 46th Street, 212-490-8300, tenpennynyc.com (10176)

Location Details

16 E. 46th St.
New York NY 10017


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