Best Vietnamese (Everything Else) (2011)

Thanh Da

Thanh Da dishes up a great banh mi, that's for sure, but the real reason to ride the N train over to Sunset Park is for its bun bo Hue, the spicy beef soup from Hue, located in central Vietnam. The rich broth is packed with fiery chiles and showered with herbs; it's an instant cure for a cold or just general hunger. It's also one of the few spots in New York where you can find other regional soups like the crab-paste-and-tomato-based bun rieu, plus harder-to-find specialities like banh xeo. The flavors here are authentic and spot-on. 6008 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-492-3253

Location Details

6008 Seventh Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11220


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