Best 19th-Century Street (2011)

Hudson Avenue

New York is full of charming 19th-century streets, but one that's less known and kind of hard to get to only makes it more charming and more 19th-century. Our current fave owes its relative obscurity to its location in what's become a time-capsule pocket neighborhood in Brooklyn. We're talking Vinegar Hill here, bounded by DUMBO on the south, the East River to the west (strange as that sounds), the Navy Yard to the north, and the oppressive Farragut Houses to the east. And if Vinegar Hill could be said to have a main street, it's the lovely and atmospheric Hudson Avenue, which blissfully retains its intimate 1800s feel. Walking down it, the street feels almost like a movie set, as improbable as it looks in 2011. The Vinegar Hill House restaurant is likely what brings most outsiders to the street these days, but we recommend a lingering stroll along it anytime. Although a couple bottles of Lighthouse Ale at the rustic bistro's bar will certainly lend Hudson Avenue an extra glow.


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