Best Brooklyn Model Citizen (2011)

Jonathan Lopes

How much does Boerum Hills Jonathan Lopes love Brooklyn? He cant let go of his dream to reconstruct the beloved borough brick by brickin Lego bricks. Lopes is recreating a tiny, plastic Brooklyn in his living room. He has spent four years constructing a detailed train-and-street scene that nearly fills his living room, as he showed the Posts Elizabeth Lazarowitz earlier this year. A true city boy, he says he builds things in his head while spacing out on the subway. He has also constructed models of Firehouse Engine 226, on State Street, a gardening store on Hoyt Street, and the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. Just the bank replica required nearly 12,000 bricks. Many of his scenes wind up getting broken down and refashioned into others. For a change, Brooklyns got a homegrown builder who doesnt force others out of his home. Whether hell build himself out of his own apartment is another matter. He just cant let go of his vision.


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