Best Inside-Baseball Scorecard (2011)

Room Eight

Created by Gur Tsabar and Ben Smith, now of Politico, Room Eight has become something like the blog that time forgot. Amid a front page clogged up with Nike ad spam posts and out-of-date news feeds, a hardcore of contributors, many of them there since the site's launch, grind political axes, keep an eye on local scenes, and sift and parse through oceans of data. Among the stars are data-miner Larry Littlefield and fount of arcane Brooklyn knowledge (among other things) Gatemouth (ne Howard Graubard). Recently departed is his longtime fueding partner Rock Hackshaw, former Council candidate, jack of many trades, teacher, and well of highly opinionated knowledge. Suffice that these guys live up to their pulpy names. The long-term question for the site is whether it can bring new voices and exchanges (former NY1 host Dominic Carter's been posting of late) to avoid the dangers of the echo chamber.


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