Next time you're in Midtown and need a break from your job, theater crowds, or the increasing commercialization of the M&M store, take the tram over to Roosevelt Island. It boards at 59th Street and Second Avenue and is a four-minute ride that'll set you back only $2.25 each way on your MetroCard. While there, take a quiet stroll to the lighthouse on the northerly tip or the abandoned smallpox hospital to the south (the latter is prettier than it sounds, trust us). Midtown's skyscrapers can be scene from anywhere on the island, but it still feels a million miles away. You may be too relaxed to return, so stop by the Starbucks near the tram station and grab a latte to recharge. You won't have to worry about being seen patronizing the coffee conglomerate's island outpost; no one is ever there.

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591 Main St.
New York NY 10044


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