Best Outdoor West Village Respite (2011)

Garden at St. Luke in the Fields

Oh, jeez—construction. Construction and trucks. Construction and trucks and rumble sirens. Construction and trucks and rumble sirens and people bitching into their cell phones. In other words, New York City. Really, sometimes it just has to stop. It's not always so easy to zip out of town to flee the oppression, so the city's little in-town escapes seem all the more precious. Our choice these days is nestled behind a low brick wall at Hudson and Barrow streets in the West Village and comes to us courtesy of those good people the Episcopalians. What they've done, see, is nurture their beautiful Garden at St. Luke in the Fields into something quite lovely and soothing. Tend it and love it, then open the gates and let us undeserving public people in to enjoy its lush Edenic calm. Sigh. Thank you, Episcopalians. Check it out next time you're in the nabe and need a quick calm-down. But leave a nice donation in the little box on your way out, or St. Luke might have a few words for you in his next gospel.


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