Best Place if You?re Hungry for Love (2011)

East Village Cheese Shop

This is not a bar, nor a meat market, nor any of the typical places youd expect to find someone who might or might not be the love of your life. Its the East Village Cheese Shop, and, first off, the prices are perhaps the best in the city for high-end, delicious cheeses in hundreds of varieties. They keep the prices low by being no-frills (this is not Murrays), and so, they dont allow tastes or always have a lot of information or recommendations to share. Sometimes they do; it depends on the crowds and whos working. However, this means that you can comfortably ask your fellow cheese buyers questions, and, if you happen to meet someone attractive who shares your love of cheese, well, youve got some pretty major (and important) things in common from the get-go. We know someone who met her now-boyfriend here over a conversation about what he should buy for a party he was throwing. True story! It could happen to you. FYI: The store is cash only. 40 Third Avenue, 212-477-2601 (10003)

Location Details

40 3rd Ave.
New York NY 10003


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