Best Place to Watch Others Embark on Vacation (2011)

Hudson River Greenway off West 10th Street

Wave bon voyage to friends you've never met from the grass-covered piers jutting from the Hudson River Greenway off West 10th Street. Take a seat and watch the massive cruise ships lurch by on the river, temporally eclipsing New Jersey as they make their way out to the Atlantic. If it's a hot day, you can take refuge under the misting showers at the base of the pier. It's surprisingly easy to waste an entire afternoon watching the 15-story vessels disappear into the distance. Where they are headed is unknown, but it doesn't matter when you realize you're still in New York, and they aren't. While they are forced to eat bland cruise-ship food for a week, you can turn around and walk to your favorite West Village eatery. Bon voyage, indeed.


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