Best Political Wonks (2011)

Josh Benson and Tom McGeveran

Two staffers who played key roles in the last good run of the New York Observer, editors Josh Benson and Tom McGeveran, have assembled an all-star cast of smart people and New Yorkers (some of them even both those things) at fledging website Capital New York who done write better and more right than you and yours to steadily turn out some of the best stories about the city you'll find, in line with what Talk of the Town was way back when Talk of the Town was well-reported and New York-oriented. After a soft launch with essays and bank shots, Capital New York has bulked up with reporters, changing it from a great once-a-week browse to a refresh-once-an-hour destination. Amid all the SEO-driven craze for quick hits and page views, it turns out that online's wide-open space can be a good thing in the hands of the right writers and editors. This ain't fish-wrapping, even if you could wrap fish in it.


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