Far out in the bay, Lady Liberty stands with torch aloft and Jersey City beyond. Just to her right, you might make out the tips of Ellis Island and Governors Island, and if you turn your head farther, you can see the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan jousting against the sky. Closer in, find a handful of church spires, the water towers on top of row house, and the row houses themselves, clad in pale brick with red and green trim with the awnings of Mexican restaurants unfurling below. Closer still, there are trees, grass, paths, and the delighted screams of children until there you are, staring at nothing farther off than your own feet, perched at the top of Sunset Park. There might be more elegant vistas or somewhat more verdant ones, but try to find another that captures so much of the color, variety, and excitement of New York, while still including a couple of the expected icons. And why not take the invitation that the park's name offers and visit it at dusk? That's when those same statues and towers and spires are bathed in gold and orange and pink, and even the browned grass and bare trees seem gilded and glorious. 41st to 44th streets, Fifth to Seventh avenues, Brooklyn, nycgovparks.org/parks/sunsetpark

Location Details

5th Ave. & 44th St.
Brooklyn NY 11220


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