New York and nature don't have so much in common, but both abhor a vacuum. Mayor Bloomberg's decision to remake the Manhattan waterfront as parkland effectively meant giving up on the idea of New York as a shipping or manufacturing city, after decades of both industries shriveling away. The parks get a lot of use, which is a boon for the city that increasingly depends on real estate and tourism for its bottom line, but it has been the bane of wanderers seeking solace inside the city and for cheap dates in search of a little, er, privacy. With the city promenading by where absence once prevailed, young lovers have had to stray farther from the core to find isolated views of the bustling scene, and the Red Hook waterfront has emerged as a prime place for pitching and catching woo. Here, the Statue of Liberty looks back at you (in Manhattan, you just stare at its ass). Sure, Jersey twinkles at the blue lights, but just you, your special whoever, and Manhattan lights on the water is a recipe for action.

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