With our eternal struggle not to give up on our dreams and just work at a fast-food establishment, it might seem odd that we spend many of our hard-earned quarters making burgers. But that's the truth. Barcade Jersey City, the latest outpost of the craft-beer-and-video-game conglomerate (they're spreading to Philly next), has not only more games than its Williamsburg forebear, but it also has the best game: Burgertime. The 1982 deep-fried take off of Pac-Man features a stressed-out chef who has to run over the components of his meaty grilled sandwich in order to get them to fall in place (on someone's food tray, we think), only to be foiled by angry hot dogs. The chef, Peter Pepper, can momentarily stun those wieners by shaking salt at them. It's brilliant and so addictive that we often neglect to mention the two-dozen rotating craft beers and food that is downright gourmet for a bar, the Nutella and bacon sandwich being just one of Barcade's many fast-food-related pleasures. 163 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, 201-332-4555 (07302); 388 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-302-6464 (11211); barcadejerseycity.com

Location Details

388 Union Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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