Before Brooklyn became known as a flea-market haven a couple of years ago, it was already a flea-market haven. Williamsburg's older, cooler marketplace for new and used curiosities, Artists & Fleas has inhabited a 'Burg warehouse since 2003—first on North 6th and now on North 7th, just up the road from the waterfront gravel-ditch where artisanal pickles are sold alongside dirty flatware. On blazing hot days, its indoor location shields you from the sun, and there is a bathroom. The flea market's relatively small size lends itself to a curatorial tightness: Vendors skew a little more earnest, with sequined vintage-wear sold by nonironic older black ladies, and crafty, with many Etsy stars in the booths. Even the food is down-to-earth, with burgers, tacos, and barbecue to go with those artisanal pickles. Co-founder Ronen Glimer says Williamsburg's growing flea-haven rep has brought more people to his goodie garage. Vendors have also seen a rise in the number of metro-area hagglers looking for a bargain. "They've said to me, 'What's up with everyone trying to get an extra 10 bucks off of me when I made this in my studio, and my hourly wage is already two bucks?'" says Glimer. "That's just nature when a flea market is a circus." 70 North 7th Street, Brooklyn, Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., (11211)

Location Details

70 N. 7th St.
New York NY 11211


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