Best Kitschy Value Emporium (2011)

Bag Man

Bring $100 with you to Bag Man, the long-running 34th Street bargain spot, and you'll leave with enough glitzy household accessories to stage a dinner-theater production of Priscilla. Sparkly spatula holders, fake flowers, and glittery carnival-mask wall hangings are all there for "low, low prices," as the announcement keeps reminding you, in case you thought you were at Bergdorf's. The items range from highly decorative (a Last Supper tableau for a pretty steep $79.99, but still dropping) to decoratively useful (a 3-D Jesus clock for a mere $5.99; a Big Apple pen for $1.99) to just plain useful (a pack of 12 lipsticks for $2.99, plus cheap coffeemakers, scarves, and luggage—all basic but practical if you don't have a lot of airs about you or people to impress). That's all on the main floor, where you should start before going upstairs for the perfectly nice curtains, pillowcases, towels, and place mats to add some bargain dazzle to your drab walk-up. End up in the basement, where it's 30-60 percent off on shoes of all kinds, so you can nab a pair and walk your goodies home comfortably. If you never learned good taste from bad taste, Bag Man is the place to fill up your bag. 261 West 34th Street (10123)

Location Details

261 W. 34th St.
New York NY 10001


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