Changing apartments is (and we hate to be indelicate here) a complete ass-pain. An informal survey around the Voice revealed past grievances with professional movers: abandoning boxes in rainstorms, breaking valuables, and just good ol' fashioned not showing up. Moishe's Movers offer a much more pleasant experience: Its employees are timely and professional, and they have a miraculously delicate touch with possessions. Best yet, their rates aren't exorbitant, and they'll send the minimum workers needed to ensure a fair price break. The homegrown company is New York/New Jersey through and through; in fact, they were recently featured on the HBO program Bored to Death. And you know that if something were wrong with them, cantankerous show writer Jonathan Ames would've been glad to whine about it. 227 Coles Street, Jersey City, New Jersey (corporate HQ), 800-266-8387, (07310)

Location Details

450 W. 15th St.
New York NY 10011


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