Put a price tag on any random gadget, display it in a museum, and we'll probably buy it. Forget the art; most museum stores are like Christmas morning for engineering dorks. There is undoubtedly something to buy that's inspired by Buckyballs, for one thing. And somehow, we always end up feeling like the best time to buy a Lego set is right now. At least that's how we feel at the Guggenheim Store, which places at least as much emphasis on architecture and innovative design as it does on the Kandinsky masterpieces found just a ways up the circular rotunda. On our last visit, we walked out with a rubbery neon-orange Slapwatch (like the slap bracelet of yore), a piece of jewelry that has garnered us more compliments than our diamonds ever have. And our new gray felt Gräf & Lantz iPad case has actually caused onlookers on the subway to speak to us (to find out where we got it), rather than stare ahead blankly and pretend we aren't there, per usual. And as for the Lego set of Gehry's cool curlicue of a building? Guess what we're getting for Christmas. 1071 Fifth Avenue, 800-329-6109, guggenheimstore.org (10128)

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Location Details

1071 5th Ave.
New York NY 10128


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