Best of NYC®

2012 Edition

Best of NYC®

New York City is a city of more than 8 million people. That’s a lot of folks, and every day, New Yorkers venture to all corners of the five boroughs. They go on dates at fancy restaurants. They get midnight coffee at diners. They see plays in weirdly shaped theaters and have conversations about obscure, puzzling art. In a city like this, every morning gives you the opportunity to choose a new and exciting path, and your direction might even change without you realizing it.

We’re celebrating all those amazing options this year with our Best of NYC®; 2012 issue.

The thing about New York City is that, well, where do you even begin? There’s so much to choose from, it’s damn overwhelming. You could head out to Brooklyn and find yourself playing mini-golf at a dive bar in Bushwick, or maybe jump on the train to a cocktail joint in Long Island City. Then again, not all of life is booze related. How about some pickup basketball in Harlem? Or checking out a comic book gallery on the Upper East Side?

That’s funnyman Bill Hader on the cover of this issue. On top of his crazy cop antics in Superbad or running a theme park in Adventureland, you know him from his Saturday Night Live character Stefon—that flamboyant guy who’s always recommending strange nightclubs and touching his face. Luckily, rumor has it that the real Hader—despite hailing originally from Oklahoma—has his own favorite things to do in New York City, and they do not involve loud techno music and strobe lights. And rumor has it Bill is planning to pursue his own adventure. Maybe you could give him a few suggestions to help him pick his journey through NYC?

Best of NYC Essays

Arts & Entertainment
The Too-Much City Arts Options? Why, Yes—We Have a Few.
By James Hannaham

Bill Hader Did Not Write Carrie
By Eric Sundermann

Shops & Services
Sartorial Disobedience: Order Up Your Own NYC Fashion
By Angela Ashman

Sports & Recreation
Have a Ball (And Puck and Uppercut): NYC Is Sportstown, U.S.A.
By Allen Barra

La Dolce Musto
Best Bartender: Mary Jo CamellToe
By Michael Musto

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